Jiamu Wu is interested in the ontological exploration and conceptual use of the photographic medium. His work often takes form through labor-intensive processes, during which the artist contemplates and foresees an overcoming of existential struggles. This results in a shift from the conventional photographic aesthetics to one that often takes shape in a typology of abstraction that reaches into the temporal dimension of photography. 
Wu recently received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. His work has been exhibited throughout Minneapolis, including Nash Gallery, Public Functionary and Quarter Gallery. He is the recipient of Zelda and Max Berman Scholarship in 2018.
 吳嘉木在二〇一九年於明尼蘇達大學修得純藝術學士學位。他的作品在美國明尼蘇達州多處展覽,包括 Nash 畫廊、Public Functionary 畫廊及 Quarter 畫廊。他在二〇一八年獲得 Zelda and Max Berman 獎學金。