The artist statement of this project, Groundbreaking: The Calendar of Daily Fractures, is published on Mn Artists.

Installation view, Day 1

Installation view, Day 9

Daily Fractures appropriates the form of a traditional Chinese hand-tear calendar, and is a vast typology of 365 pieces of road cracks image. The audience is invited to tear down a page. Their tearings leave new cracks on the paper that resemble the cracks in the frame. White and physical, this time the cracks are realized and inverted. 
The cracks on the road are ruptures that reveal another dimension for our vision to dive into, and ease the overwhelming two-dimensionality of this life. My camera stops and slices an instant from time. The bizarre thickness of these 365 instants goes thinner day by day. By tearing down a page of time, I invite the audience to question the constructedness of the mundane, and to enjoy the freedom of being timeless, to solace the abrasive encounter with time.
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